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Uncle Sash, why such injustice - they have a store, but we do not. I thought it was a hefty village, but it turns out - everything is just like ours. I dont know. he shrugged. - There seems to be more people left. But it seems to me that in three years the trade will be closed. The shop turned out to be typically rustic. A gloomy saleswoman, about thirty, dilldo in pussy huge breasts in a pink bra under a white transparent blouse, rumpled either asleep or from a hangover with her face and. Thick thighs under an extremely short denim skirt, brought me dilldo in pussy I needed, counted out the change and took care of Alexander. I stepped aside, amazed that the trade worker was not bothered at all by the red panties opening up between her legs when she squatted over a box.

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