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Oleg almost immediately settled down behind Olya and quickly entered her all the way, forcing the girl to moan lingeringly. And Sonya, wasting no time, perched in front of Olga, spreading her legs to the sides. And, not hoping for the girl's quick wits, she put both hands on the back of her head and pressed her face to her fragrant pussy. Olga didn't even have to stick her tongue out too much - it was enough just to open her mouth and her lips closed around Sonya's labia. Olya emira kowalska porn touched them with her tongue and was rewarded with a slight emira kowalska porn. And then. And then Oleg got tired of waiting.

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Listening to this conversation, Sveta became mentally angry, but then quickly resigned herself to Sergei's decision to share it with friends. She was a little embarrassed that he didn't even ask her if she wanted to. But these are the rules of the game today, so there is nothing to complain about. And after what she has already experienced today, this was the best of Sergey's undertakings. It was one of her fantasies - having sex with two men at the same time. And then there is such an opportunity - not two, emira kowalska porn three men at once. And if each of those two emira kowalska porn at least half as good as Sergei in bed, then the evening promised to be good. Sergei, having hung up the phone, turned to Sveta: - Well, did you hear. We'll fuck you well today.

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