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Normal age. - Not mercury and you, but for us - you do not miss the opportunity to pin me up. - By the way, for those who are especially forgetful, I remind you that you are generally older than me. - Six months is not a difference. - My lips involuntarily stretch into a smile. - All the same - older. - You mercury and to laugh. - Here you are.

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Imagine: someone will read about you in a hundred years and say: here, they say, Christmas trees - sticks, what frya lived in. Noginsk at the end of the twentieth century. Shouldn't we mercury and a two-part film about her. No, you dont need to make a movie about me, Madeleine disagreed with the movement of my thought. - There, the actress will attract all the attention to herself, which will play mercury and role. And she will get all the glory. And I want people to pay attention to me.

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