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Police shackles, which Igor did not immediately like - from them, with a significant load on the legs, deep marks will remain for more than one day. The machine had several possibilities for precise adjustment to the height and build of the victim. The oval tube could move up april hylia reddit down a vertical steel pillar of april hylia reddit complex profile along with a wide belt to fix the waist. The pillar in front had a handcuff ring over the victim's head. There was an electric winch on the back of the bar for lifting up the victim's hands shackled behind the back. In front of the post there was a steel collar with the ability to move up and down and a mechanism of a rather original.

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I closed april hylia reddit eyes and he began to look into my crotch at my unfolded very probably hot flesh by that time. For some reason he took out a flashlight, then shone it as he began to suck. I got scared and pulled out, but not quite, and only the panties slid further down april hylia reddit elbows. And suddenly I liked it that I almost fell asleep. He rocked me quietly on powerful arms and it became more and more warm under the lower abdomen.

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