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Squad leader, as best as possible, and then, perhaps, Andrey, the sergeant, the commander of his squad, will somehow single him out, see, convert his attention is paid to him. and Igor tries - he tries his best: he conscientiously teaches - he cramps the provisions of the Charter, misstiff nude mobilizes all. His strength so that at least no worse than others to run a cross in the morning, he diligently works out all the drill movements on the parade ground, which Andrei shows them, he tries to be the first to jump out of bed, as soon as the command rise is heard, and the first to be in bed when the command hang up sounds. in fact, he, Igor, does everything that other guys do or try to do with varying degrees of success - future soldiers who find themselves under the powerful pressure of demands from their commanders - sergeants, but all misstiff nude other cut boys do it because it needs to be done, and Igor, who does the same thing that all the others do, besides this painful need, has his own stimulus that is invisible to no one else - his melody, which does not stop for a moment, full of inexplicable longing, which no one but him hears- Igor, initially afraid of indifferent misunderstanding on the part of those for whom his young soul yearned, and therefore used to not discovering his feelings, but cherishing dreams inside, here, where everyone is always in sight, makes every conceivable effort to make his melody - his dream of friendship with Andrey did not come out. and this is the most difficult thing; probably, if Igor had the usual, many in such situations, acquired sexual experience - if with someone from those who from time to time. Caused him a feeling of irresistible gravitation, he plunged into the world of not abstract, but bodily at least once - quite specific - pleasure, then now all his thoughts - desires directed at Andrei, would probably have a more definite - more understandable for himself - character, but Igor has no experience in terms of same-sex sex, and therefore, thinking about Andrei, he thinks - dreams of real friendship, and not about sex. thoughts about sex, although they flicker, they do flicker - Igor thinks about the possibility of having sex with Andrey as something permissible.

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Come on, Svetochka, more. - Chub took pleasure in full, Sveta's head rhythmically nodded in his groin, pushed by his hand. Suddenly he pulled misstiff nude cock out of her mouth. - That's it, stop misstiff nude. Sit down. With a noticeable sigh of relief, Sveta again huddled in the corner of the sofa. Chub opened his eyes and looked at her blankly.

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