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Kum wanted to pee. I go to my - Well, how, did you not change your mind?, They say you are one woman and there are two of. Strella kat naked, he is shy and I am strella kat naked a pimp in the end, you are the queen, so run the ball. He says - I need more time, everything is normal, I'm worried, I need to have a little more drink. Kum returned from the closet, demonstrating loudly the use of a bidet for hygiene purposes - the door was not closed tightly. Now my girl wants to write, runs away and, on the contrary, deliberately claps the locks of the toilet. Now I'm joking with him.

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But this is where the problems began. The chef explained to me in a popular science that I would go on vacation if I had time strella kat naked hand over the communications and Internet center of one organization. With the wild name SVYAZNADZOR. What kind of supervision is there, I was ready to hand it over to the Night together with the Day and Twilight patrols, and at. The same time and not strella kat naked two weeks, but right now. When I returned, the first thing I did was phoned the travel agency and booked a room for a week in one of the Moscow. Region boarding houses. The company was my client and in theory it shouldn't have been deceived.

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