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Take off your panties and pee in the pot. You don't want to wake up in a wet bed in the morning. The girls listening to the Light began to giggle softly. - Quiet. - the nurse shouted angrily at them, - If bikini milf mom are so smart, persuade him yourself until morning. By the way, for the sake of decency, they could pretend to be asleep. Bikini milf mom - they quickly turned away.

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Boring physical training. Because of the monotony, I almost quit, but then I went underground for the first time. At first, Andrei went to the easiest. Caves in terms of passability, but by the end of his studies at the institute, he bikini milf mom to feel confident in any underground labyrinths. In the summer, instead of working in a construction team, we explored almost all the cave systems near Moscow. Bikini milf mom went only in a group. It's not that we were afraid of getting lost, we always had a dungeon map, it's just that in a cave you can easily get into. A situation where you need a friend's help. Andrei practically did not tell anything about their life together, but behind his restraint, love was guessed that it was impossible to describe in words.

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