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The story of someone else's fall immediately became public knowledge. (end of the 2nd part) A sweltering night hung over the frozen valley. Standing at the zahra elise zahra elise anal of the hill, proud Tigora peered intently into the darkness. The loud cry of a belated bird made her turn: the entire slope was covered with her brave warriors standing shoulder to shoulder. It was she, the almighty queen of women warriors, who brought them here today. Once a year, on the night of the first summer full moon, every proud Amazon must cross this valley. Go unarmed and naked.

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Translation - my retelling. Arkhip, who is also an ordinary Arkhipov, for himself could not clearly answer what pushed him, crossing the threshold of the washing room, from where the entrance. To the toilet was, to hold zahra elise anal breath and try to step as quietly as possible. in any zahra elise anal, then, what he saw there, to discover in advance - he had no idea to see - he had no thoughts on this matter - assumptions. No suspicions, and, moreover, secret desires. The company was on the road - at the training ground, where within three days it had to work out the next standards, and therefore it was a rolling ball. In the barracks: from the whole company in the barracks there were only four people left. Firstly, it was private Arkhipov - a chubby, ruddy guy, in his life tuned in to the positive; Drafted for one and a half to.

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