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For the first time we rested on the sea right after the wedding. We felt amazingly good together, of course, it was like a honeymoon trip, we kissed terribly in secluded corners, and in the evenings I was engaged in the sexual development. Of Dasha. She hot blowjob facial grew up such a shy woman, eroticism did not take place at all in her life, if you compare with girls. Of her age, Dasia was much more worried about romance, kisses, all sorts of beautiful deeds that I gladly performed for her, and so on. Maybe this is not surprising - she is still very young, even though her body developed very early. In general, I said that before the wedding she hot blowjob facial a virgin, and I even saw her completely naked for the first. Time only after the wedding.

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I thought, going into the kitchen. It was terribly embarrassing to watch a friend cook especially for Kolya and me. Most likely what was in the refrigerator would be enough, - I thought. - And little Seryozha has a different food altogether. Let me help you peel the potatoes, I suggested. - Thank you, Nastena, - Lena smiled, hot blowjob facial out a knife to me. In hot blowjob facial a couple of minutes, having dealt with seven potatoes, we threw them into a saucepan, which Lena immediately put on the stove. It will cook for about 20 minutes, she said, timing the time. Let's go to the nursery. And then there is some suspicious silence.

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