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Property, which could easily be coveted by, taking advantage of the lack of personnel, dashing soldiers from neighboring companies. The made beds, which on ordinary nights showed all the signs of life - creaking, snoring, snoring and moaning, now seemed lifeless in the dull violet light. Of the duty lighting, and the dormitory itself seemed just as lifeless - empty and therefore unusually echoing. Bad was that the door to the barracks did not have a lock, which means that it whiptrax nude necessary for someone not to sleep at night, so. That the dashing soldiers of their other companies would not push against something. it is clear that the private Hare and Corporal Koch were not to sleep - they divided nights and days in half, Arkhip controlled this process, and junior. Sergeant Baklanov - in accordance with his status - carried out general leadership, and, wishing to receive the rank of sergeant, he explained to private Arkhipov that it was not now possible to break his fingers with a fan in front of Shlang and Hare time that is needed, since they are all equally responsible for the company property entrusted to them, the nerds not only strain, but also a little bit to insure. well, for example whiptrax nude while the Hare or the Hose will scrub the urinals or perform some other useful work for the barracks outside the visibility of the front door.

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