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She agrees, Tanya whispered. Kostya and Nina returned, carrying champagne, we drank, and some awkward silence came, which no one dared to break. The room where we sat was as. Narrow as a pencil case. The corner sofa, on which Kostya and my wife were sitting, opposite, a little obliquely, is a narrow ottoman, and between us is melanie shark reddit table with drinks. The initiative was taken by Nina: That's what, melanie shark reddit are adults, we have decided everything, everything is in the know, so we pretend like there is nothing, let's get started. She resolutely unbuttoned her blouse and flung it aside in a dashing way.

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Soon, hot drops flew onto my hair, wet from my urine. Later, Galya washed herself thoroughly, we went to the bedroom to make love again. We both liked Golden Shower, and we repeated this experiment many times, although I cannot say that it became as popular with us as anal sex. Once, while waiting for Galya from work, I opened the closet in search of her cherished photo album. In the depths, I discovered a whole warehouse of interesting things: pornographic cards, a video cassette, an opened pack of condoms with a mustache (a huge rarity at that time). A jar of some cream with a German label (I could only understand the word SEX on the label) and. some fantastic panties made of transparent silicone with three branches - dildos of different sizes. It took me a few minutes to figure out melanie shark reddit design: two processes melanie shark reddit intended for the owner of the panties - the one that was inserted.

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