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When I returned there five minutes later, I found that the boy had fallen asleep. How sniffles, I smiled, looking at the six-year-old boy with affection, Just like Lenkin's one-and-a-half-year-old nephew Kolya slept for only an hour, but he managed to get a list during. This time. - Ay - ay - ay, - I shook my head disapprovingly, pulling the blanket off the boy. I should have put on a normal diaper newest celeb nudes I sighed to myself, looking at the impressive wet spot on Kolya's pantyhose. Not to mention how ashamed it was in front of Lena newest celeb nudes for the same stain on the sheets. Well, let's go to the table, I. Said to the boy lying with a crimson face. I took Kolya to the changing table and lifted the boy upstairs, quickly took off the described tights and a completely wet gauze diaper.

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