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As if I melody wylde porn how his whispering and kisses in the ear affect me. Before I had time to think about what I said, I ended up in his arms. This time we kissed for a long time. Our tongues met and caressed each other, and his hands massaged me all melody wylde porn way from behind. He stroked my back, hugged the back of my head, but for the longest time he massaged my ass. Finally, he lifted me by the ass, sat down on a chair and sat me on his lap. My dress was pulled up to the waist. Igor's hands went over to my tummy and began to get into my panties.

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Melody wylde porn a click in the lock, Lera quickly removed her hand, threw the hem of her robe and closed her eyes, pretending to be asleep. The sergeant on duty and two orderlies entered the locker. - Comrade Sergeant, look, this is the chick that the company commander was leading down the corridor. Melody wylde porn orderly said - Yes, I see, quieter, otherwise wake up, the sergeant replied. - Ha, ha, ha. Wake her up, she was drunk as a lord, I saw it myself. Shurik said - Miron, well, check if she's asleep or not. - How so immediately Miron, grumbled the orderly. Comrade soldier, I order you, the sergeant hissed. A clumsy, bespectacled soldier came up and pulled on the robe.

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