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The craftsmen went to the table and began to choose an instrument. When the men returned with whips in their hands, the amouranth only fans, with a pointer, went to the dummy. - My task is to teach you to inflict pain without maiming the victim, this is in the first lessons, amouranth only fans then, I will teach you not only to. Maim correctly, but also to kill. - You see targets on the dummy, these are the places, when hit on which, the victim will experience unbearable pain, with an accurate hit, the target will light up. Do not try to hit with all your might at once, increase the power of the blow gradually, feel the instrument in your hands, try. To become one with it, whole. Well, gentlemen, let's get started.

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I shamelessly squeezed Larisa's buttocks in my hands, amouranth only fans her back. The girl had already practically given herself to me and from understanding this I got even more excited, so that my rebellious member pressed tightly against her stomach. All I had to do was throw off two small pieces of fabric from the young body, amouranth only fans the girl onto. The bed and climb inside, overcoming the almost imperceptible resistance of long slender legs. Stop, Artyom. - Sveta's imperious voice rang out when I began to lift the hem of Larisa's T-shirt, exposing her back.

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