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Hyland nude drown out the madness that was rising like a black wave from somewhere from the bottom of her soul, just not to think about how her life would develop in the future. And somewhere in the depths of my heart were beating words, read once in some book: Fate smiles, fate cries, fate smiles, fate cries, fate. November 2007 A concert of a student rock band in a recreation park is not God knows what event. However, if you and your girlfriends are spending the last school holidays in your life on the eve of your graduation class, why not go. When the August afternoon suddenly darkened, the audience at first did not pay attention to it, but the first large raindrops made many raise their heads to. The sky, and the pouring downpour then interrupted the concert and scattered the screaming girls across the park. Laughing Olenka quickly lost sight of her friends, ran into the first house she came across and closed the hyland nude behind her. And then I heard a creaky old man's voice behind me: Fifteen rubles worth watching. Looking around, Olenka realized that she had run into the room of laughter - an antediluvian attraction, simply a room with crooked mirrors.

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