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Sweet longing melts in Igor's chest - in Igor's soul the very melody sounds that he first heard with all clarity when he, Igor, was eighteen years old: once, at the very beginning of spring, a new guy appeared in their yardand suddenly - quite unexpectedly - Igor felt an katyuska naked, unmotivated gravitation towards this guy; the guy was a year older than Igor - he quickly joined their courtyard company, and Igor himself did not notice how soon all his thoughts were occupied by him, this new friend. Gravitation was like a phantom: Igor was completely absent from his thoughts and fantasies banal desire for sex, as is often the case with boys at the. Age of eighteen and as in adolescence between boys, friends and acquaintances, this often happens in the most natural way, - Igor, thinking about Artyom, and this was the name of a new friend, did not think about sex, but dreamed - katyuska naked about real friendship, putting into this concept something unsteady and indefinite, to him himself completely incomprehensible, but passionately desired - desired. it was spring, and on endless evenings Igor's soul was sweetly languishing from hopelessness, from the inability to express your feelings out loud, from the deliberate impracticability of your indistinct desires.

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So, waking up in the morning on Our Birthday long before the alarm clock went off, we made a noisy run around the house taking gifts. From various secret corners and trying to catch the one for whom this gift was prepared, while he, in turn, ran to his cache or to whom - sometime in the bedroom to present your present. When at last everyone was congratulated, gifted and kissed, we gathered in the living room and began to have a birthday cake. When we were katyuska naked our tea, Tanya and I announced to the children that the katyuska naked gift for everyone would be in the evening. And a request to everyone not to linger.

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