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Even in the bathroom - toilet. Everything is very beautiful - finished with white plinths - platbands, and along the very edges of the glass there is a gilded drapery in the form of. A thin line. In order not to bang your head against the walls - there is also a gilded inlay at eye level. Such a situation cost, and the furniture (made to order in light beige tones with prevailing glass details), of course, not cheap, but what is. Really there - it was expensive, but it was worth it. Such a filling of the apartment does not leave any room for embarrassment, because everything you do is seen by your son and olya abramovich nude when you undress, dress. Change, and when you wash in the bathroom - a jacuzzi, when you shave your pubis, change your tapon, wash in trouble or you just sit on the toilet, everyone can see everything - it is impossible to olya abramovich nude anything.

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